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Hat Light
Hat LightHat LightHat Light
Hat LightHat LightHat Light

Hat Light

Headlamp is composed of ABS material.

Dual light sources for far and near lighting, suitable for a variety of scenes.

Constant current circuit, constant brightness.

Stable and durable LED eliminates the trouble of replacing the light source.

Anti-slip switch with large striped switch design, easy to operate even with gloves.

product description

Hat Light Features:

100 lumens super bright headlamp, equipped with new technology headlamp, high brightness, long service life.

With far light, flood light, flashing three functions, with battery headlamp, indoor and outdoor can be emergency rescue lighting.

Need to install 3 batteries, can be used continuously for 9 hours, about 100000 hours of LED life.

The angle of the front illumination beam can be adjusted up and down by 60 degrees, so that you can gather the light to where it is needed.

Elastic non-slip headband, so you can enjoy a comfortable fit, can also be worn on the helmet.

Change the battery method: open the upper part of the head snap and replace it.

Material: ABS

Bulb Type: CREE XPE R2 LED

Battery: 3x1.5V "AAA"

Waterproof: IP44

Runtime: 9 hours

Output: 100 lumen

Operation: High/Low/ Flash/ Red/ Off

Item No: P90105

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