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Wholesale Measuring Tools  | Length Measuring Instruments

Porbuilt wholesale efficient and effective precision measuring tools allow you to maintain quality control on the factory floor or construction project site.

Our measuring tools are available in a variety of models for many applications and are easy to use. A common measuring tool is the tape measure, which is essentially a metal ruler that unfolds to a maximum length of 33 feet. It is easy to use and very compact, so it can even be clipped to a belt and carried around. The tape measure is manufactured with an ABS plastic case and TPR overmolding for a strong grip that is resistant to slippage and durable. The blade is made of carbon steel blade with nylon coating. The other is a level ruler with strong magnetism, providing high precision horizontal, vertical and 45° angle measurement.Find the complete line of wholesale measurement tools and contact Probuilt for a quote or demo.