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Riveter Guns

Probuilt manufactures and produces riveter guns. The riveting tools feature heavy-duty steel construction for extra strength and durability. The spring loaded handle automatically ejects the rivet bar and the non-slip grip provides superior ergonomic comfort and control.

Probuilt Hand Riveter Tools Features

Sturdy all-steel construction: Our hand riveting tools feature sturdy all-steel construction to ensure stability and durability, allowing you to complete various riveting tasks without hassle.

Non-slip cushioned handle: Ergonomically designed non-slip cushioned handles provide a comfortable grip, reduce fatigue and make the riveting process easier.

Interchangeable heads and wrenches: We provide you with 4 interchangeable heads and wrenches.

What is a hand riveter

A hand riveter, also known as a hand rivet gun or hand rivet tool, is a manual tool used for joining materials together using rivets. Rivets are mechanical fasteners that consist of a cylindrical shaft with a head on one end. They are commonly used to create a permanent, strong, and secure connection between two or more materials, typically metal, by deforming the shaft of the rivet.

Hand Riveter Guns Features

Lightweight, Easy to use, Available at reasonable prices, Takes more time for riveting, Stressful on hands and wrists if used repeatedly


Hand rivet guns are used for applications like assembling furniture pieces at home and repairing damaged equipment in the garage.

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