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Wholesale Utility Knife 

As a reliable utility knife manufacturer and supplier, Probuilt is the place to go for wholesale utility knives. We have a wide selection of high quality, durable and safe utility knives for you to choose from, including utility knives, Snap off Blade Utility Knife, retractable utility knives, multifunctional utility knives and more. These knives feature the lightweight frame, non-slip grip for comfortable grip, and durable plated steel blades that are hard, wear-resistant, rust-resistant, and sturdy.

Probuilt wholesale utility knives provide quality tools for efficient and safe cutting tasks, and our team offers high quality tool knives that can be customized for you. You can choose from plastic, aluminum or zinc alloy cutters that can be engraved or printed with customer logos and packaged in insert cards, blister cards, OPP bags, wall cards and more. As a direct factory, we can offer wholesale price. Contact us for more details.