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Best Home Tool Kits of 2022 - Probuilt

Apr. 26, 2022

What is a Toolkit?

A toolkit is a collection of the most common tools you need at home. The exact tool you need depends on who you are asking about and how you feel comfortable doing the repair yourself.

What are the must-have tools in the toolbox?

There isn't one answer as to what tools you have in your toolbox, as it really depends on the type of projects you typically work on, but in general you won't go wrong on this list:

Hammer: A good hammer allows you to build and break things. You can use nails or drive nails into furniture. With the claw hammer included in these kits, you can use its built-in small crowbar to open locks, tear off skirting boards, or pry open stuck windows. Ideally, a good hammer directs the power of the swing to the object you're hitting. When you hit nails, the difference between a good hammer and a bad one is clear: a good hammer will drive the nails into the plank with little effort on your part. A bad hammer needs more effort to do the same job. Comfort is another consideration, and generally speaking, ergonomically designed cooktops with soft rubber-sheathed handles are more comfortable to use than hard rubber-sheathed handles.

Tape Measure: Useful Polyurethane designed to be readable when held in the right hand when looking to the left.

Utility knife: In most cases, a good utility knife is more versatile than a hacksaw. It allows precise cutting and scoring as well as use in tight spaces.

Screwdriver Set: To save space, I prefer screwdrivers with interchangeable heads that use the same handle. The trade-off for this adaptability is a clear loss of tool strength.

Pliers: Pliers (especially needle-nose pliers) allow you to apply force in a small, concentrated area to bend or strip the wire when your meat hook is too large to fit into tight spaces or clamps on tiny bolts or wires Pick up or hold small things. Look for a comfortable grip and a corrugated cut surface.

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What to Look for in a Mechanical Toolkit:


Obviously, the more tools you collect, the larger the box you need to contain them all. You'll find mechanical toolboxes, small enough to fit in a car, to large enough to be a complete floor-to-ceiling cabinet. The choice that's right for you depends on the size of your tool kit, how much space you have to accommodate your tool box, and whether you plan to take your tool box with you to work outside your home or garage.

Also, consider the weight of the toolbox. Not only the initial starting weight provided by the manufacturer, but the final weight when you're fully loaded with the tool. If the toolbox is too big, it will quickly become too heavy for you to carry or move without relying on a set of wheels on the bottom of the tool. If portability is important, consider small and compact options or look for products with reliable casters.


The material used to make a toolbox is usually some kind of metal, such as aluminum or stainless steel, although some products are made of impact-resistant materials. The heavy duty tool case you can use to store your safety tools is also made of steel. These boxes are heavy but have withstood the harsh conditions in a busy garage or workplace.

Aluminum machine tool cases are less expensive than stainless steel, but these products are also more prone to scratches and dents. Heavy-duty plastic is suitable for machine tool boxes that are not suitable for everyday use, but the material is not as durable as metal and has the potential to crack or warp in the worst cases.


A very important factor in the toolbox. You need your tools to stay in the box. Some of the places we work are always passing by when we're not around, making it impossible for others to get what they want.


Almost all tools these days will state that they have some warranty period, but it's important to note whether their toolbox comes with a warranty.

Last Words

We hope this article helped you choose the right toolbox for your needs. As with most tools and equipment, there is no right or wrong answer. Instead, you should choose a product after carefully evaluating your needs and budget and considering appeal factors.

But if we weren't allowed to choose the best home toolbox for professional and committed use, it would be Probuilt's P91005 model. Probuilt's P91002, on the other hand, is a budget-friendly option that's more suitable for mobile mechanics and beginners. Professionals who don't mind spending some extra money for one of the best toolboxes should take a look at our products.