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How to Choose the Right Utility Knife

Jul. 20, 2022

Utility knives are cutting tools used in a variety of industries and crafts for a wide range of uses. Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry and use, utility knives are commonly used in factories, warehouses and other situations where tools are often needed to open boxes, packages or cut tape or string. Choosing the best utility knife for your job will make your job much easier. In this article, we'll explore the factors that go into choosing a utility knife in detail, giving you a clear and broad understanding of what kind of utility knife to look for when choosing your next work knife. So, let's get started.

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Uses of Utility Knives

First and foremost, it's important to know what you're going to be using the knife for. This includes what you will be cutting and how often it will be used.

The blade is usually determined by what you are going to cut, as you need to make sure that your knife will last a long time without dulling or breaking.

Also consider the longevity of your knife. If you lose your knives frequently, then it is best to go for relatively cheap ones so that you do not waste too much money on lost items. On the other hand, if the tendency is to use the knife for a very long time, then it is worth choosing a higher quality knife to cut more easily for a longer period of time.

Housing for utility knives

Utility knives are available in metal cases and plastic cases for you to choose from. Metal cases for open box tools are more durable and a bit heavier. A housing made of metal is also more expensive, but it may not be suitable for all trades and industries.

In contrast, today's plastic-cased utility knives also have many advantages, namely, they are insulated from temperature and electricity. And this is beneficial for those who work in cold temperatures as well as for those who also use electrical machinery or equipment.

Utility knife handles

The handle must be strong, non-slip and comfortable. You can feel the grip and handle by touching it. Next, consider the ergonomics and comfort of the knife. A knife should feel good in your hand, which means that the shape, design and balance of the tool are key factors to consider. For example, an ergonomic shape and larger handle can provide greater leverage, which in turn provides a more relaxed cutting experience on hard or thick materials. Another handle feature to consider is the rubber grip built into the design, as this helps provide the ultimate comfortable grip even after hours of work.

Blades for utility knives

The blades come in different sizes, offering different levels of strength for different projects. Many are available in widths of 9 mm, 18 mm or 25 mm. It is important to consider the options for a complete utility knife, as well as blade size, type and other features - all important components of each knife. Evaluate the blade size needed for the project at hand, then determine the correct category of utility knives available. The three main categories include

Precision or Lightweight (9 mm). Applications include cardboard, soft plastics, foam board, paper, wallpaper and vinyl.

Heavyweight (18 mm). Applications include cardboard, carpet, drywall, gasket material, landscape fabric, linoleum, plastic sheeting and shingles.

Extra Heavy Duty (25mm). Applications include cement board, drywall, expansion board, housewrap, high pressure laminate, nylon, rope and sod.

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Safety of the utility knife

A very uncompromising issue is security. A strong locking and unlocking mechanism must be required to ensure your safety, even if you carry the knife in your pocket. As well as security around sharp blades to ensure safe knife use to avoid strain. It is also important that you and your team understand proper knife use safety procedures to reduce the risk of injury. This includes proper orientation to workplace procedures, procedures for the types of knives your team uses, and when to use specialty tools instead of utility  knives.

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