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Quick Release Ratchet Wrench
Quick Release Ratchet WrenchQuick Release Ratchet Wrench
Quick Release Ratchet WrenchQuick Release Ratchet Wrench

Quick Release Ratchet Wrench

72-tooth oval head ratchets need only 5-degree swing arc

Lock-on, push-button, quick-release drive tangs prevent dropped sockets

Forged and heat treated Chrome-Vanadium steel ratchets with corrosion-resistant fully polished chrome plated finish

product description

Quick Release Ratchet Wrench Features

High quality material: forged with high quality chrome vanadium steel, overall heat treatment, high hardness and durability

Strong torque: 72 teeth design, rotate once about 5 degrees, in a small space can also be easily used

Quick off: press the button to quickly off, easy to use, one hand can be operated

Forward and reverse use: lightly dial the rotary button to adjust the screwing direction, easy to use and simple operation

Quick Release Ratchet Use

The advantage of ratchet quick wrench is that when the size of the screw or nut is large or the working position of the wrench is narrow, ratchet wrench can be used.These wrenches swing at a small angle and can tighten and loosen screws or nuts. The handle is turned clockwise when tightening. The square sleeve is equipped with a spreader bar. When the handle is turned back in the opposite direction, the spacer slides out in the bevel of the ratchet teeth, so that the screw or nut does not follow the reversal. If the screw or nut needs to be loosened, simply turn the ratchet in a counterclockwise direction. It is convenient and time-saving to manually turn the nut by swinging back and forth, and it can be loosened and removed and tightened, and it is highly applicable, and the angle of use can be easily adjusted.

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Item No: P40205

Size: 3/8”

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