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Claw Hammer
Claw HammerClaw Hammer
Claw HammerClaw Hammer

Claw Hammer

A high-strength fiberglass handle is protected by an impact-resistant poly jacket

Sharpened curved claw generates maximum nail-pulling leverage

The permanent head-to-handle epoxy bond will not loosen over time

product description

Claw Hammer Features:

High carbon steel forging: The hammer head is forged with high quality steel and the whole is quenched treatment, so that it has high strength and good toughness. The hammer head is forged from high quality steel and quenched as a whole for high strength and toughness.

Quick nail starting: The ram's horn design clamps tightly to the nail, suitable for a variety of nail sizes, quick and fast nail starting, strong and wear-resistant.

Sturdy handle: fiber-covered rubber handle, reduce shock impact, not easy to slip, comfortable grip, suitable for long time use.

Fine polishing: polishing process, smooth appearance, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, meticulous workmanship.

Use of the claw hammer

The claw hammer is commonly used for everyday tasks and construction projects.

The primary use of a claw hammer is to hammer nails into wood and pull them out. The flat side of the hammer is the head, which is used to hammer the nails deep into the wood. The other side is the claw, which is used to pull the nail out of the surface of the wood.

The claw side of the hammer resembles a V-shape so that the nail fits perfectly between it.

The claw hammers are designed to be used mostly for woodworking projects. They are not made primarily for metal materials.

Probuilt provides you with a sturdy, handle comfortable hammer.

Item No: P30200


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