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Mini Claw Hammer
Mini Claw HammerMini Claw Hammer
Mini Claw HammerMini Claw Hammer

Mini Claw Hammer

High carbon steel forging.

High temperature quenching.

Features a unique stubby design that lets you work in the small tight space.

Tight connection between hammer head and handle, not easy to drop the head.

product description

Mini Claw Hammer Features:

Mini claw hammer surface polishing treatment, making the surface very bright, not easy to rust.

Use of hardened high carbon steel, making the hammer hard and resistant to striking.

Hammer head thickening treatment, not easy to wear and cracking, prolonging the service life.

Anti-slip rubber handle, in line with the grip posture, non-slip feel good.

V-shaped crook design, easy to knock up nails, save time and effort.

Item No: P30001


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