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How to Use Needle Nose Pliers

Dec. 06, 2022

Pliers are a tool that can be found in any toolbox. When you need to clamp, position, twist, cut, tighten or loosen all kinds of things, pliers can cover quite a wide range of applications. Among them, the needle nose pliers have distinctive features that distinguish them from other pliers. Its jaws are tapered and are very suitable for working in small spaces. This article will talk about needle nose pliers and how to use them.

Long Nose Pliers

What are needle nose pliers?

Needle nose pliers are a versatile tool with tapered, elongated, and tapered jaws that are ideal for working in inaccessible areas that other pliers cannot reach. Needle nose pliers are commonly constructed of steel and have insulating plastic or rubber-coated handles for easy grip and, if noted, protection against electric shock.

Needle nose pliers are available in straight and curved, with tips that can be bent to 45° and 90°. With this feature, they can enter tight spaces even if there are many obstacles.

The use of needle nose pliers

His many uses include bending wires, securing accessories, placing fasteners, and even cutting. While needle nose pliers are commonly used for cutting and bending fine wire, they are also used for intricate projects on small objects, as well as jewelry-making tasks such as picking and beading, setting gemstones, and connecting small clasps.

Needle Nose Pliers

How to use needle nose pliers?

Needle nose pliers use textured teeth to manipulate wires. You need to hold the handle firmly but apply light force. Also, be aware that the needle nose pliers are not strong enough to cut through large hardened wires.

Needle-nose pliers specific operation steps:

Open the needle nose jaws and aim at the part you want to grasp.

Grip the handles until the pliers are secure.

Use the chain nose or round nose with the other hand to open or manipulate the wires.

Secure your parts and close.

Release the jaws and remove them.