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Safety Box Cutter Using Tips

Jul. 29, 2021

The safety box cutter is a very convenient and safe tool in our lives. Can easily complete paper-cutting, unpacking, carving handicrafts, etc. It has widespread uses. And his detachable processing blade can easily change the thickness of the blade according to the thickness of the cutting material.

The universal knife is very safe and convenient, but the blade is too sharp and dangerous. Under normal circumstances, we believe that you do not need to take any special precautions, but in order to avoid security problems, we make the following tips.

1. Keep the blade sharp

The sharp blade is neat and easy to use. The blade is blunt and easy to pull, so the blade will slip off and your fingers will break. If the blade becomes blunt, please replace the sharp blade in time and put the blunt blade in a safe and thicker container.

Store box cutter in thick plastic boxes

2. Shorten the blade

Most safety cutters can choose the blade length freely, keep the blade length as short as possible to avoid injury. We have a safety utility knife with two dicing blades. It can be described as the best way to shorten the blade, one slider for the fixed blade, another for auto-retractable.

How to use box cutter safely

3. Keep the safety utility knife away from your body

When you no longer use the utility knife, retract the blade and make sure that the lid is closed. At the same time, stay away from you. This will reduce the chance of accidental scratches by the universal knife.

4. Wear gloves

If possible, it is very safe to wear protective gloves when using a safety universal knife. Even if it is called a safety cutter, accidents can happen, so if you are considering other safety gloves, please see here.

How to use box cutter safely

5. Keep your fingers away when paper or anything

When making a cut that requires reinforcement, do not put your thumb on the blade. In addition, please hold the safety utility knife firmly to prevent it from slipping off. Operate the arm carefully to move the blade. This reduces the chance of blade slippage. Pay attention to materials and blades.

6. The utility knife must be kept far away from young children and your favorite pets

Whatever happens, the utility knife shouldn't be placed where children can touch it.  it's not worthwhile catching pets or children will cause you to sad and pay a number of medical expenses for.

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