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How many types of hammer do you know?

Aug. 05, 2021

Among the tools used for many DIY tasks in our lives, the hammer is one of the most commonly used. Hammers are commonly used in carpentry, structures, closet repairs, furniture assembly, etc. When you go to the decoration shop to buy something, you will also find a variety of types of hammers. Each hammer has a specific structure and purpose. Careless use of a hammer will definitely endanger you and others. However, the correct use of a hammer can not only reduce the pressure on the arms and shoulders but also prevent injuries.

Our hammer uses some modern materials, but the shape of the hammer has not changed much. Understand the specific purpose of each hammer and choose the best hammer for your DIY. Common types of hammers are:

1. Claw hammers

How many types of hammer do you know?

Claw hammers weigh between 8 and 20 ounces and usually have a variety of products, styles, lengths, and delicate striking surfaces. It is understood by its curved claws or the hammerhead on the back of the hammerhead. Its bent wire is used to increase the strength needed to release nails, staples, or anything embedded in wood or other products.

Very simple but reliable, the claw hammer is arguably the most widely used hammer today. It is well known in the construction and DIY markets that the hammerhead is highly curved because one side is used to move the nails and the splitter head is used to pull the nails.

2. Hatchet Hammer

How many types of hammer do you know?

A Hatchet hammer is a mixture of hammer and ax. The ax blade is used as a traditional ax, but the direction is opposite to that of a standard hammer. In theory, the ax hammer is definitely helpful in many situations, but it is usually related to defense/emergency situations. Among the relatively rare hammers, ax hammers, commonly known as half shafts, use axes instead of hammers.

3. Ball-Peen Hammer

How many types of hammer do you know?

Ball head hammers (also known as "sick" or mechanical balls) hammers are the first choice in the design and metalworking market.

The ball head hammer has two heads. One is horizontal and the other is round. This gives you more flexibility because you can handle more work.

Designers usually use this type of hammer to form steel or impact blades. It is also a versatile toolbox.

4. Rubber Mallet 

How many types of hammer do you know?

You might not think of a rubber hammer as a hammer, but it does the same thing as a standard hammer: it sends an impact to the area.

The rubber cue has a large rubber head with horizontal surfaces at both ends, which can provide a lighter shot than a compressed metal hammerhead.

Masonry usually uses rubber hammers to remove large amounts of concrete. The rubber rod design can provide effective pressure without damaging the collision product, making it an ideal choice for sheet metal, wood, and upholstery work.

5. Scaling Hammer

How many types of hammer do you know? 

A zoom hammer is a unique-looking tool consisting of a chisel and an upright selector. This hammer can not only remove the shell and rust but also cover a very tough layer, which may form in a central heating boiler for many years. This is very valuable.

These hammers include vertical engraving and options instead of conventional heads, which allow you to remove spacing, corrosion, and various types of durable covers from central heating boilers and various other surfaces. Pneumatically driven versions range from single-head models to three-head models, just like jackhammers.

6. Welder’s Hammer


How many types of hammer do you know?

The welding hammer itself may be an art form that quickly disappeared from the modern world, but the welding hammer is a very valuable reminder of the past. This special device is used to remove debris around the weld with a pointed tool and engraving tools on both sides of the hammer.

7. Dead Blow Hammer

How many types of hammer do you know?

The hammerhead is designed for very small retraction and soft impact. It usually has a sturdy rubber or plastic head, or a semi-hollow head filled with sand or lead bullets.

This area is designed to reduce damage to the contact location with minimal recovery, providing additional relief.

The hamper includes two similar hammer tools that can be used for a variety of work options. They can be used in everything from wood products to automotive applications, helping to remove parts, handle minor damage, and beat wood together with or without peeling surfaces.

8. Club Hammer


How many types of hammer do you know?

A hammer is a smaller version of a sledgehammer in which brute force is required to break apart masonry, masonry, and demolition. It can also be used as a percussion tool where you want to send an email on a stone/carbide cement where precision is probably not required. This tool is often called a hammer drill or blunt hammer and has a small double head of hair that resembles a mallet.

Although not suitable for commercial work, the hammer is useful for steel steps and stone heads as well as light demolition work.

Advice for using hammers

Constantly utilize the ideal hammer for the job, it will make the work simpler as well as stay clear of possible damage to the hammer/workpiece.

Never ever strike nails with the side of a check or a hammerhead. The steel at these factors is not hardened as the striking face and also could be harmed.

When setting up the delicate job, make use of an item of scrap wood between the job piece and the head of the hammer. This will prevent damage to the workpiece.

Use a nail strike to sink nails into the hardwood, once more this will protect against damages to the workpiece. A nail punch has a flat end (or slightly, concave) to fit the nail head rather than the sharp end which various other punches have.

Where the handle is held in the hammerhead by steel wedges, examine regularly to ensure the wedges are tight. Lumber management can shrink in completely dry conditions.

If a hardwood manager does start to end up being loose, place the head in water overnight, the water will trigger the take care of to increase as well as tightening in the head.