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What are diagonal cutting pliers and what are they used for?

Nov. 09, 2022

How do you cut wire, over and over again, without getting tired?

The answer you're looking for is diagonal cutting pliers.

But why are these pliers different from other pliers? Why are they so easy to use? In this article, we will tell you everything about these diagonal cutting pliers.

What are diagonal cutting pliers and what are they used for?

What are diagonal-cutting pliers?

A diagonal cutting plier is a type of plier used to cut wires. They are also known as side-cutting pliers, flat-cutting pliers, side-cutting pliers, wire-cutting pliers, and mitering pliers. They are designed to perform cutting rather than gripping or pulling tasks. They consist of a pair of jaws, a pivot point, and a pair of handles. The handles are usually dipped in colored plastic, which provides a unique look and insulation to identify the tool.

The jaws are sharp and beveled to cut wire closely and efficiently. The pivot point between the jaws and the handle is placed close to the jaws to provide maximum mechanical advantage to the technician using the tool. There are many alternative names for diagonal pliers, including dykes, mitering pliers, and side-cutting pliers.

Pliers are a class of tools that have multiple uses, with diagonal pliers being more narrowly focused. Other types of pliers are better suited for gripping and manipulating wire because they have a blunt or ridged surface that is not intended to be cut. Mechanics such as electricians occasionally have a multipurpose pliers tool that combines the beveled edge of a pair of pliers with the gripping surface found in other types of pliers. But for their designated cutting tasks, beveled-nose pliers are perfect. The metal in the jaws of a pair of diagonal cutting pliers is usually carbon steel or another alloy that is hard enough to penetrate the softer, conductive metals used in wire, such as copper.

How are side cutters different from regular pliers?

Side-cutting pliers have the following characteristics.

These pliers cannot be gripped. They have cutting edges in the jaws.

The pliers have an angled edge. This means they are designed to cut wire by applying a greater cutting force.

The jaws and cutting edges are hardened to increase the life of the cutter.

What are diagonal cutting pliers and what are they used for?

Is there a difference between diagonal cutting pliers and electronic pliers when cutting cable ties? 

Diagonal cutters are great pliers to have in any toolbox. They are suitable for cutting a variety of different sizes of wire and solid materials, such as screws. However, they are not suitable for cutting cable ties or cable ties. The blades on the miters are not flush, which means they leave "spikes" of material when the cut is complete. This is not a good thing for zippers. The small plastic spike that remains is usually very sharp and can cut your hands and arms when handling the wire harness. A better tool choice for this application is a pair of electronic pliers. The electronic pliers are designed to not only cut the electronics cleanly but also cut the ties flush and leave no nails, which means no more cuts to your hands.

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